Hello and Welcome to my homepage!

So let me begin by telling you a bit about myself and my little blog.
My name is Hannah, I recently turned 26 In August and I live with my now Husband Lee as we go married on the 30th December 2019 and my crazy but super loving four year old daughter Milly. You will notice that they feature in my blog quite often.
The main reason I started my blog was to show what it was like mixing having Borderline Personality Disorder with family life but now my blog is more focused on Mental illness and trying to end the stigma against all Mental illness’s but especially towards BPD.
I do talk about the serious side of the mental illness’s that I personally suffer with on a daily basis but I do also do  some lighthearted posts about my little family or about random things that usually somehow end up connecting to either my health or my family.
I am very honest in my blog and will write about what I believe in and think is important but my main goal for my blog is to not only create awareness but to end the stigma against mental illness.
I can’t do this alone! Will you join me in this fight?
To access my blog is extremely simple just click on the blog link in the home bar and it will take you straight to it also if you want to contact me privately then please feel free to get in-touch via the contact page.
If you enjoy what you read don’t forget to subscribe to my little blog.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Hannah xx

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