Spreading the love ❤

Hiyyah everyone

This post is about all the shops we are brand ambassadors, reps and enthusiasts for on instagram as we think they are amazing and we know you will to.

First shop I have to tell you about is the first shop we ever became enthusiasts for and a year on we are now proud ambassadors for and that is @lillysbow_tique. Lillysbow_tique is not just a shop that sells handmade bows it is a handmade girls boutique so Nicola sells a whole range of products from bows to bloomers. Go check out their brand new website. Also if you do want to order use MILLY10 for a discount

Next shop we are proud ambassador for is @littlemenace_uk they do amazing collection of personalised tee’s, mugs, hoodies, leggings and more! Kerry is so lovely she will try create what you ask and it will be amazing. MILLY10 for a discount!

We are also reps for @zizprinting this is the shop to go for mummy and me tshirts if you want to match with your little one and want high quality products then this is the shop to visit. Jo is always happy to answer any questions you have. Don’t forget milly10 for a discount.

We are also rep for the very talented @dp_dyes which makes all our tye dye clothes for milly and me. I have the most amazing hoodies made by Donna and Milly has the most gorgeous tyedye clothes also! Donna is currently heavily pregnant or maybe has even had her baby now so will be on Maternity leave until further notice. When she reopens use MILLY10 fo a cheeky discount!

We also love being reps for @giraffetobesobeautiful she makes the most gorgeous crocheted toys, blankets and will also try make anything you ask her. Leah is lovely and will happily talk you though what she can do for you! Milly10 for a cheeky discount!

We are Now also Reps for the super tallented @wooden_treasures she makes high quality wooden toys and decorations and will do them any colour combination you ask for. Milly10 for a discount.

We are now also proud Enthusiasts for @ivyandbear she is currently on maternity leave but will be opening up slots throughout her leave so use MILLY10 for a cheeky discount she makes the most AMAZING personalised clothes.

If you are on instagram you should definitely follow these shops not just because we rep for them but they are all lovely people, making amazing products by hand, they all have their own children and some also have fulltime jobs also.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out millys instagram to see all these amazing shops products in action!



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