This is me! 20 facts about myself

Hi everyone

So today I am going to give you 20 facts about myself so you can get to know me better.

1. My full name is Hannah Rose Gillgrass

2. I’m 25 my Birthday is on the 16th August

3. Yes that makes me a Leo 🦁

4. I am a mummy to a crazy but perfect two and a half year old girl!

5. I am currently unicorn obsessed with everything and anything unicorn 🦄 and I want it all!

6. I live with my boyfriend Lee and my daughter Milly

7. I suffer with borderline personality disorder, body dysmorphia, severe anxiety and eating disorders

8. I love adult colouring books especially the colour by numbers books as they are difficult. The more challenging the better.

9. I love everything Disney and I mean everything!

10. I find motherhood extremely hard

11. My best friend is my two year old daughter

12. I love watching teen mom og , teen mom 2, teen mum uk actually to be honest I like most programmes on MTV!

13. Coronation street and Eastenders are my favourite soaps

14. My guilty pleasure is watching murder programmes mainly on Netflix

15. We are proud ambassadors, reps and enthusiasts for some amazing shops on Instagram.

16. Photography is my passion!

17. I love instagram and pinterest

18. My little family is my everything

19. I take medication to help with my mental health problems.

20. Being a mummy is my biggest achievement in life to date!

Thanks for reading hopefully now you know a little more about me than you did before!

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