Timeline of my day…12/06/2018

Hey everyone

You are all lucky today as I actually went out of my house so it’s slightly more interesting than my usual day.. I mean not much more but a little.

3.30am Milly woke up so I got her a bottle and made her stay in her room and go back to sleep until a more sutiable time.

4.30am Milly woke up and this time I could tell she wasn’t going back to sleep as she was like a spring so we went downstairs.

4.45am I had changed Milly’s nappy and we had already watched Bing and was now watching the same episode of paw patrol we have watched 400000 times!

6.30am Me and Milly had cheerios for breakfast and I had my first caffeine fix of the day.

7.30/ 7.45am Lee got up as he had a football tournament today so I decided we would go too to support him and the team so I got milly dressed, jumped in the shower and got ready.

8.30am another coffee before leaving!

9am left house picked up two players and headed to Barnsley football stadium.

10.30/ 10.45 am arrived at stadium and was desperate for a piss as I had drunk two massive coffee’s and a strawberry frijj milkshake two of my favourite drinks before we set off like an idiot so found the bathroom whilst the lads got changed.

11am tournament kicked off! Unfortunately our lads didn’t play for like 4 games and then had a massive hour break and then played again and then had another hour break and then played two games back to back. So we didn’t finish until about 16.00pm

16.30pm we dropped of the two players we picked up and then headed home.

17.15pm we got home and Milly was exhausted so it was a bottle and bed for her, so by 5.30pm she was in bed (unusual but thank god)

18.00pm my dad came to look at our nearly broken washer and hopefully fixed it but I won’t know until I do another load!

19.30pm watched tv and did some adult colouring!

23.53pm Time for bed!

Thats was my day sorry it wasn’t very interesting! I don’t live a very interesting life.

Thanks for reading!


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