How do I cope with stress and anxiety πŸ˜‚

Hi everyone

So If you follow my blog or my social media account @bpd_mummy_to_1 you will know that I don’t cope with stress and anxiety at all.

I actually have no idea what it feels like to “cope” with stress and anxiety because I have never been able to do it so I don’t have any advice on this apart from if it is taking over your life I would highly recommend getting help.

I take meds but I wouldn’t reccomended that if you can avoid it I mean I have to because I not only suffer with an anxiety disorder, I have agraphobia and borderline personality disorder which just makes everything worse.

I guess I try to help others who have my illness by posting quotes that they hopefully find inspirational or funny obviously it depends on the quote I post.

So yeh don’t look for advice from me but what you can hopefully get from me is honesty and an un-sugarcoated version of what my life with these illness’s is like.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post.

How do you cope with stress and anxiety?

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