What are some of the things I tend to do when I procrastinate

Hi everyone

I am so bad for procrastinating well technically I’m really good at it which is bad lol. I literally procrastinate about everything.

So if I have to leave the house, go to a medical appointment or even just go to my mum and dads I delay or totally avoid it but now I have lee he sort of knows my delaying tactics and tends to not let me avoid things that much.

But if I have an appointment I really dont want to go to or a place and lee has to be somewhere else I am pretty good at delaying so he has to go and dosen’t have time to take me.

So one of my main tricks that I do mainly because lee is terrible at getting up and I know that so I set the alarm early enough so that he knows I set it but late enough so that we probably won’t make it in time.

I mean I wouldn’t reccomended it as it is not helpful. Also I was just thinking if you don’t know what procrastinating is it means that you delay, avoid or postpone something I only know this because of all the mental health workers I have and have had and it is mentioned a lot.

Another thing I do is I do everything extremely slowly so it looks like I am getting ready and I am but I’m just taking my time but to be fair I don’t always realise I’m doing it but lee has caught on to this one so he keeps making me get ready. Not in a forceful way but an encouraging way!

I used to sleep through my appointment times on purpose but now I don’t have that option as Milly is up between 4 and 6am every morning so I’m up for when my CPN comes.

So that is just a few things I do but like I said I wouldn’t reccomend any of these things as it’s no life to live I can promise you that.

So thanks again for reading!

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