10 things that make me really happy!

Hey everyone!

Are you all loving this sunshine? I know I am! So I thought I would challenge myself with this one today as I honestly don’t really know what actually makes me happy!

Well I know somethings that make me happy!

1. Obviously MILLY!
So of course Milly is first on the list. She is my entire world. She dosen’t always make me happy but when she does she truely makes me happy.

2. Next up is Lee!
Lee is the love of my life don’t get me wrong we bicker like any other couple but he has stuck with me through the extreme highs and the suicidal lows! I’m not easy to be in a relationship because of my BPD but we have been together nearly 4 years and we are still going strong.

3. Family
So although like any other family we have our ups and downs and we sometimes don’t see each other very much we still have the best times when we all get together and we make sure to create memories.

4. Unicorns
I don’t know why but I just have a serious addiction to anything and everything unicorn.

5. Photography
I have a love hate relationship with photography! I love it at the time and when I have a good photo but most of the time my photo’s turn out shit and then makes me feel shit.

Omg I can’t believe I nearly forgot coffee! I feel coffee should be 3rd but I will keep it at 6 as tbh I just can’t be bothered to rewrite it!

7. Colouring
This is another relationship i’m not sure exactly makes me happy..definitely not whilst I’m doing it but when I finish it I suppose that makes me Happy.

8. Sex
Sex makes me happy!… well sometimes 🤣🤣

9. Frijj Milkshake
I love Frijj Milkshakes well only strawberry but I generally have one everyday! Yummy!

10. Chocolate
Chocolate and me are not friends I do love chocolate but I don’t like the fact it makes me fat!!

I know I have kind of contradicted myself but that is how my brain works so I appologise! But thank you so much for reading!

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