3 personality traits I am proud of!

Hiyyah Everyone

So thinking about this post actually made me laugh. Why you ask? Well because I have borderline personality disorder so I have so many personality trate’s that choosing 3 is going to be tricky!.. so here we go!

1. When I love I love hard!
I suppose this is a good thing and a bad thing because if I love you I will literally ride or die with you but If you hurt me my heart feels like it physically breaks.

2. I am fiercely loyal to people I care about
If I class you as a friend or a loved one, actually If I feel someone is not being treated as they should or listened to then I will step in and stand up for that person. When I say I have your back I mean it!

3. I don’t judge people on anything other than how they treat me!
I will give everyone a chance no mater what you do, are or have done as that dosen’t matter to me all that matters to me is how you treat me! If you treat me with respect then I will do the same back, if you treat me like shit well guess what you will get the exact same response. You get what you give with me and I won’t appologise for that.

Thats my 3 traits I am most proud of. I suppose they are all quite similar really but these are the ones that I like most as I take the little relationships I do have very seriously as I don’t trust easily so the people in my life I will protect.

Thanks for reading. I wish I was more exciting but I hope this makes you all understand how important loyalty is to me.

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