My top 10 favourite foods!

Hiyyah everyone!

So today I thought I would give you some insight into my favourite foods! Be warned most of them are bad for you.. oh well who cares! We only live once.

Here are my top 10 favourite foods are:

1.Mash potato
I love mash potatoe that much I could live of it, I will eat it on it’s own quite happily. My grandad used to make the best mash but lee’s mash is very good. I can’t make nice mash I just like to eat other people’s.

2. Plain Noodles
I just can’t get enough of plain noodles they sell them at the coop and I just love them so much. Sometimes I will add soy sauce or cheese but I don’t like any other sauce on them as I don’t like sauces.

3. Kit kat chunky
Oh I love kit kat chunkies in all their chocolatey biscuit gloriousness (not a real word) I don’t know what it is about them I just love them. I do only let myself have one a day otherwise I would be the size of a house.

4. Cheese!
I do love cheese but only certain cheese of course as I am a very fussy eater. So I love eating chedder, red Lester and edam and thats it.

5. Grapes
I can happily eat a full pack of grapes bit only when they are crispy I hate it when they are all squishy!

6. Waffels potato and dessert
I love potato waffles especially with cheese and beans and then sweet waffles with mapel syrup (yummy)

7. Yorkshire puddings
These are my favourite part of a sunday but I can’t lie I do eat them on their own especially the giant ones I will just eat one of them for my lunch!

8. Pasta!
Love!, love!, love! pasta and guess what I will eat that plain too or with just grated cheese but I do like pasta Bolognese also.

9. Cadbury’s milk chocolate
Tbh I love most Milk chocolate but Cadbury’s is definitely one of my favourite’s and their Dime chocolate is on point!

10. Roast potatoes
Homemade roast potatoes (that are not made by me as I can’t cook) are definitely in my top ten list.

So now you have read my 10 favourite foods I want to know what yours are, so please comment below with your favourite food and we will see what food wins!

Thank you for taking time to read my post I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better!

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