My top 5 guilty pleasures are…

Hey everyone
So today I thought I would write about my top 5 guilty pleasures! So here we go:
1. Putting Milly to bed is my favourite guilty pleasure!

Why? Because it is the only time in the day I get some time for me! I know she is my baby and I should want to be around her but somedays I just spend the day wishing it was bedtime!

2. Sneaking my favourite chocolate treat to eat so I don’t have to share it with my toddler!
Most days I share my chocolate, well all my food with Milly so some days I sneak my favourite sweet treat from the fridge and either eat it in the kitchen or sometimes in desperate measures the bathroom!
3. Sleeping all day!

The only time I ever get to do this is when Milly stays at my parents but when she does instead of doing all the jobs I should be doing I just sleep and a part of me feels guilty for not making the most of my day child free the other part of me knows I deserve it!

4. Spending longer in the shower than I need to just for some peace!Most days I don’t get to take a long shower alone without having to share it with my toddler so when I do I bloody make the most of it!
5. Stalking celebrities on instagram

To be honest I rarely do this but if I have heard a juicy bit of gossip about a certain celebrity then I head over to instagram or twitter to see what they are saying about it and if it’s true or not.

They are my top 5 guilty pleasure, they are not the most exciting but that’s just me. I’m not overly exciting but as always thanks for taking the time to read my post!
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