What am I afraid of?…

Hiyyah everyone

So the aswer to this question is everything, I am literally afraid of everything including myself!

It would be easier to tell you what I’m not affraid of and that would be my two year old Milly.. 🤔actually sometimes I’m scared of her 😂

No seriously I am pretty much afraid of everything but my biggest fear is being abandoned by Lee and that he will take Milly! That is my biggest fear and I fear it is going to happen every single day.

I fear that he is just going to decide that one day I am too much for him to deal with and that he will just leave with Milly and a part of me wouldn’t blame him but the other part of me would be devastated, petrified and abandoned and that is scary!

My 2nd biggest fear.. well close first is my own mind! My mind can be a terrifying place and it has a lot of control over my life because borderline personality disorder makes your mind a very unpredictable and scary place that you can’t escape!

So that is my biggest fear what is yours?

Thanks for reading! I hope you learnt a little more about me.

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