A list of things I like…

Hiyyah again everyone

So I am litterally just going to do a list because I feel like you probably don’t need an explanation of why they are on the list I think you will just know 🤣

Let the list begin:

1. Milly
2. Lee
3. Unicorns
4. Family
5. Chocolate
6.mash potato
7.Yorkshire pudding’s
8. Yorkshire
9. Murder programmes 😂
10. Love Island
11. Netflix
12. Coronation street
13. Eastenders
14. Sex
15. A clean house (never happens)
16. Coffee
17. Grapes
18. Smirnoff ice
19. Swimming
20. Manchester United (I guess)
22. Everything Disney
23. Kit Kat chunky
24. Fake flowers
25. Photography
26. Frijj Strawberry Milkshake
27. Drawing
29. A tan
30. Biscuits

As you can see by my list I like pretty much anything that is bad for you 😂 My list isn’t in order of favourites it’s just in order of what popped into my brain as I was writing as usual!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you like my list! Maybe my list should be on my list😂 🙈

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Have a great day!


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