Breastfeeding Yes or No?

Hiyyah everyone

I know this is a touchy subject but that’s why I wanted to do a post about it as I want to no your opinions on breast feeding and wether or not you chose to breast feed your child or if you are like me and that choice was taken away from you?

This is not me trying to cause any arguments or hate against either side I just want to know what everyone’s opinion’s are!

I am personaly pro choice I don’t think you should be judged on whether you do or don’t breastfeed I feel it is down to what the mother decides!

In my personal opinion a fed baby is better than how its fed. I understand that people say breast is best but like I said previously that I wasn’t allowed to breast feed because of the medication I had to take to keep me stable and that wasn’t safe for milly to have in her system so it was an easy choice for me as Milly’s safety was my priority.

I was made to feel extremely guilty for bottle feeding by some of the midwives and one even said to me infront of a whole group of people that their are no reasons that you can’t breastfeed and then basically threw a leaflet at me about bottle feeding.

Don’t get me wrong I know people who breastfeed get so much grief from the public and I honestly don’t understand why as all that baby is doing is eating just like all the other people in the cafe or restaurant but that baby can’t eat normal food like you or me it has to have it’s mummy’s milk.

Why don’t people understand that it is nothing sexual, it is not public nudity it is a child eating it’s food!

So I guess I am a yes to breastfeeding as i don’t have a problem with it but as I said before I am pro choice!

Comment below with your opinion are you a yes or a no? And why?

Thanks for reading!

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