Let the potty training commence !

Hey everyone

So we have had a potty in the house for quite a while now and Milly has shown very little interest using it more as transportation fir her toys more than anything else but the past few days she has shown slightly more interest in it.

When I say slightly more I mean she looks at it , occasionally sits on it and no longer uses it as toy transport but I’m still unsure whether she is ready yet beacause whenever I ask her if she needs a wee she says no!

I do try get her to sit on the potty and the toilet seat we got her but she screams so much when I try I just don’t think its worth it to force her because I know she will do it at somepoint I just don’t know when.

I guess all we can do is encourage her to use it and keep asking her if she needs a wee or poo poo and hope that at somepoint she decides she wants to do it on the toilet like a big girl.

In my opinion you can’t force them to use the toiles or potty they will do it in there own time and Milly is only 2 and a half. I am aware that a lot of 2 and a half year olds are potty trained but Milly is not an average 2 Year old she is extremely headstrong and knows what she wants.

I SPOKE TOO SOON! As I was writing this Milly has just put like four of her balls into her potty as storage😂🙈 kids! Who would have them!!

So potty training may not be commencing as previously thought! I will keep you up dated on our progress or lack of it!

If anyone has any advice on potty training please help me out and leave your advice in the comments.

Also if you could share this post on your social media it would be super helpful!

Thankyou for reading as always.

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2 thoughts on “Let the potty training commence !

  1. WhyToStop says:

    You are doing a great job at letting your little one get ready for potty training without compelling her… even my daughter is very strong headed and no one can make her do something, she doesn’t want.. thanks for this post.. my daughter is 2 and i am not going to even think of potty training her..


    • BPDMUMMYTO1 says:

      Aww thanks hun yeh I just don’t think forcing her is good for them as they just rebel well milly would and sounds like your daughter is same at the end of the day we have a potty and a toilet seat for her so if she wants to use it it’s always there xx


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