Top five things I spend my time thinking about..

Hi everyone

So I am going to be really honest as I am on all my posts so I feel I should possibly just put a trigger warning on this post as it will contain triggers for some.

1. Milly
I mean of course I think about Milly everyday she is my baby girl I think about the care she needs, the love she needs, if I am doing a good job raising her, I worry about her although I spend pretty much all day everyday with her and I just spend a lot of my time thinking would she be better off without me.

I don’t spend my time planning my suicide or anything like that I just think about it a lot. It just consumes my mind, I do think about it alot and I do think that everyone would be better of without me being a burden even tho they tell me I am not a burden but I feel like one more and more everyday!

3. Weight/ looks
This is another massive one for me and it is made worse by my body dysmorphia I pick holes in myself all the time but not just that I become so jealous and compare myself to any other girl that comes near us nevermind speaks to us.

Whenever he leaves the house I am so worried that something is going to happen to him but I constantly think he is going to leave me and I honestly wouldn’t blame him but it would break my heart.

When am I not thinking about bloody bills!

So they are just my top five worries but my little head is generally full of worries to the point it feels like it’s going to explode thats the joys of overthinking for you.

Thanks for reading as always is means a lot. Don’t forget to subscribe!


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