A difficult time in my life…

Hi everyone

To choose a bad time in my life is quite a tricky one as I have had many in my 24 years of life!

One of the worst time in my life after loosing my Grandad (which I have already wrote about) would have to be our freind committing suicide.

Omg the day we found out about Nic commiting suicide was awful actually awful dosen’t cut it. It was horrendous! But what was worse is that we had to find out what happend online! and when we did find out it broke our heart.

He jumped off a bridge onto the motorway he died straight away and at first we blamed ourselves for not being there for him when he needed us and I blamed myself for needing Lee so he couldn’t be there for Nic.

Then we went to his funeral and that was just heartbreaking as they for some reason they made his funeral all about his sister who was still alive and sat at the funeral and that just pissed us off!

So after the funeral we both went into meltdown but I had a full on breakdown I couldn’t stop hearing the song from his funeral and I just couldn’t stop blaming myself. It took me a long time to forgive myself and if I’m being honest there is still a part of me that does still blame myself for his death.

Thanks for reading. Sorry its a sad one.

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