A letter to someone else..

Hiyyah everyone

Dear Milly

I am writing this letter to you my beautiful baby girl because I want you to know just how amazing you truely are.

Milly you are one of a kind, you know exactly what you want, you are stubborn, funny, slightly crazy, super energetic, beautiful and smart and I hope you never change!

I hope you always love yourself the same way we love you. You are a strong and beautiful girl and some people may not like that about you and may be Jelous but you just keep strong and don’t change to fit in!

I know you are going to go far baby girl all you have to do is keep believing in yourself and I know you will achieve everything you want to.

You don’t have to do this alone as mummy and daddy will always have your back no matter what!

I know right now you are only 2 and a half but I know when your older you are going to be just as amazing as you are now.

I love you baby girl more than anything!

Love from Mummy!

That is what I would write to Milly if I was going to write a letter to her.

Thanks for reading!

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