A question that needs to be asked …

Hiyyah everyone

So the question I would ask is why is there still a stigma against mental illness?

I just don’t understand why an illness of the mind is seen as any less of an illness than a physical illness.

People say the stigma isn’t as bad as it used to be and no it probably isn’t but there is still a stigma towards us.

It’s not about how bad the stigma is it is the fact the stigma still exists and that it is not taken as seriously as it should be and the fact that people throw around words like I’m depressed when they are just sad or she has bpd she can’t be trusted, she can’t look after kids she has mental health problems.

The thing is people are happy to throw words around about an illness they don’t know about but they are not willing to learn about it.

It just seems like no matter how much information about mental illness comes out, how much support it gets from celebrities or how hard charities try we are still expected to prove how poorly we are.

I wouldn’t wish any of my mental illness’s on anybody but I just wish that people would take more time to try understand and less time being judgemental because all that does is make our mental illness’s worse.

So we need to stop the stigma against mental health problems and I will continue to do my bit but I need everyone to do their bit to.

We are in 2018 there should not be a stigma towards mental illness when there is so much evidence and research on it.

Thanks for reading I would love any feedback from you guys!

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