A time of transition in my life..

Hi everyone

I can honestly say the biggest transition I have ever made is from just having to care for myself to becoming a parent that has to be the biggest and scariest change in my life.

The thing is until you become a parent you honestly can’t understand how big a change it is to your life, you don’t just have to change a few things you literally have to change everything.

A lot of people tend to think that when the baby arrives it will work around your schedule well I can promise you know this is absolutely not true you have to work to their schedule.

Going to the shop to pick up milk for example no longer takes 5 minutes maximum because it takes 20 minutes before you even get around to leaving the house.

Your handbag dosen’t even exist anymore as you litterally just end up with a purse nothing else everything else is for the baby. At least they make nice looking changing bags tho.

Fashion go’s out of the window I literally live in leggings and hoodies in winter and shorts and vest tops in summer. My hair is generally a mess but Milly is always immaculate at the start of the day.

Any spare money you have isn’t spare as you instantly spend it on your child and nights out 🤣 they don’t happen anymore or if they do it’s like once a year.

Raising a child is a massive shock and probably the hardest job you will ever have to do but it is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever do.

Thanks for reading

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