Describe my typical Thursday

Hey everyone (sorry I have been MIA it was my birthday so I had the week off) I’m back πŸ‘‹

So as I have told you before I’m pretty boring so I mean my average Thursday is pretty boring too.. but I will inform you on what I tend to do.

So between 5am and 6.30am Milly usually wakes up which means I wake up at that too.

6.30am I give Milly breakfast which is generally toast.

6.35am put on cartoons for Milly usually Disney Jr or CBeebies

7am Have a nap on the sofa usually by myself sometimes with Milly (before I get greif we have a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and locks on the door to the kitchen so Milly is completely safe)

9.30am Coffee Time!

10.30am more coffee! usually I have cereal at about this time generally it is cheerios if we are out of cheerios then I will have toast. if I haven’t already put a load of washing in this would be about the time I would put at least one load in.

12.30pm -5pm we spend time with Milly, playing, watching movies, painting just doing fun toddler stuff!

5.15pm put Milly’s tea on usually either mince beef or potato waffles it just depends on what she wants really!

5.45pm usually it’s bathtime for Milly and pyjama time.

6.15pm Milly’s Bedtime routine begins so “bott bott” (bottle) ,usually one episode of paw patrol, try get her to wee wee on the toilet, brush her teeth and then it’s 2 books, cuddles and kisses and sleep (hopefully)

6.35pm If all go’s to plan Milly will be in bed and a sleep by now!

7pm possibly will put tea on for me and Lee.

7.30pm Time for Eastenders!

8pm usually I do some colouring or check social media or both (yes I am that talented πŸ˜‚)

9pm start catching up on programmes I have missed.

11pm continue catching up on programmes up in bed. Try to sleep (never happens)

So that is my typical Thursday, I told you it would be exciting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Thanks for reading!

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