Five things I do everyday without fail !

Hi everyone

So I don’t live the most exciting life as I have told you before but there are five things I do every single day!

1. Make at least one mug of coffee a day (more like 20 a day πŸ˜‚) I can’t go an hour without a coffee nevermind a whole day! #coffeeaddict

2.Put at least one load of washing on! There isn’t a day that go’s by that there isn’t a minimum of one load of washing in the washing machine no matter how hard I try to keep up with it.

3. Check social media!
I know it’s terrible that I can’t go a day without checking social media but I am officially addicted to it!

4. Tell Milly I love her!
Everyday without fail I tell Milly I love her at least once a day (that should say at least a million times a day) but I’m not ashamed to admit it tho.

5. Take my crazy pills πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I call them crazy pills but they are actually to make me slightly less crazy but they aren’t doing the best job.

That is the five things I do every single day.

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