How am I creative…

Hiyyah ๐Ÿ‘‹

So before my mental health started taking a turn for the worst I used to be really creative I used to love drawing, colouring, taking photos and editing them now I just do it because I have to for the company’s we rep for I don’t enjoy it anymore.

I hardly ever draw anymore unless it is with Milly or for Milly but apart from that it is very rare I just pick up a pen or pencil because I actually want to draw.

Colouring I do occasionally enjoy but I have to be able to concentrate which I don’t find that easy especially on my bad days but I do more for the distraction rather than the enjoyment.

Another short post but hopefully you enjoyed it.

Every post I try to put something new in that you didn’t know about me like in art college I got a distinction star on every assignment but I hated art college not because it was hard but because I was bullied at art college for some reason so I hardly ever went in.

Thanks again for reading.. you know what to do if you find me and my blog interesting follow us and subscribe to my blog

Thanks again for reading


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