If I won the lottery I would…

Hiyyah everyone

If I ever won the lottery I would be shocked seen as tho I hardly ever put the lottery on but if I did win I know exactly what I would do.

I mean obviously it would depend on how much we won but If it was the jackpot then first of all I would pay off all my bills and pay back all the money I owe!

Then i would give our families the money they need to do the same and to make improvements to the house etc.

I would then go buy myself a white range rover (my dream car) totally custom drsigned to how I want it and then I would go buy lee his dream car and the best part about that is we would have two cars instead of just the one 2nd hand golf ( that i do love) thar we have now as thats all we can afford on insurance and tax and we can barely afford that.

I would then book to take our whole family on holiday maybe to Disney world, Hawaii or Australia or maybe even all three.

We would then look at getting our own house probably mortgaged but that would depend on how much we won, so we wouldn’t have to pay rent anymore and it would be ours to do what I wanted with it.

I would also maybe hire a cleaner once a week just to do a big clean to make my life a little easier but that is the only help I would have I wouldn’t be having help for everything as I’m not that kind of person.

Milly would have everything she needed but not everything she wants as the two things are very different. Don’t get me wrong we would spoil her but we would not let her become a spoilt brat.

We would probably but some money into savings and investments not that I know anything about that but luckily I know people who do (not that im going to need them) but in my imaginary winning the lottery life I would know who to go too.

I would obviously give some money to charities and I would also go on a massive shopping spree and not even look at the prices just put it in but saying that I would probably still shop at primark even if I was rich lol.

I would also want lee to propose and for us to get married as there is no chance of that happening on the money we have even tho I’m not bothered about a fancy ring I’m just happy with a ring from lee.

I have also read that people who win the lottery go off the rails and start buying drugs an alcohol as nothing is fun anymore well if that happend to my family I would keep enough money to live on and donate the rest to charity as what is the point of having a load of money if it makes you unhappy.

So that’s what I would do! I want to know what you would do?

Thanks for reading

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