My Best physical features are?….

Hey everyone.

Anyone want to help me out with an answer? I suffer with BDD (yes another mental illness this stands for BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER) what this means is I have a very hard time dealing with the way I look.

This isn’t just like standard woman not liking what she see’s in the mirror it’s the extreme of that and not only that it controls my life so ontop of my BPD it’s hell.

There was a really good documentary on BBC about BDD if you want to learn about it and see the effect it has on not just our lives but or partners and famlies lifes to. I think it was called BDD and me but I’m no certain.

So the one and only thing I do like on my body are my eyes. Although saying that when I took a photo of them to put on here I have kind of gone off them.

They used to be so bright and now they are just dead but your eyes reflect how you truely feel and I honestly do feel dead behind the eyes I really do.

So thanks for reading. What is your favourite body part and why?

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