My top 5 worst habbits are….

Hiyyah everyone

Well obviously I’m perfect so I don’t have any bad habits 🤣 obviously I’m joking I have plenty of bad habits.

So I think I will do my top five otherwise you will be here all day with the amount of bad habits I have.

Number 1 – Leaving cupboard doors open
So this dosen’t bother me as I don’t even realise I do it, I just forget! Usually because I am sorting milly out at the same time so I just walk away from it. I drives lee mad!

Number 2- being clingy
This one technically isn’t my fault it is the fault of my borderline personality disorder but it dosen’t make it any less annoying for others, especially lee. This is a tricky one to change as I have absolutely no idea im doing it until lee asks “why are you being so clingy” then I know I’m being clingy.

Number 3- spending money I don’t have or need!
This is another trait of BPD that I really struggle to change but it is a really bad habit as it causes us to struggle more than we already do.

Number 4- Biting my nails
I am terrible for this especially when I am anxious. so pretty much all the time! Occasionally they get to a nice length and then something happens even the smallest thing and then the nails are the first thing to go.

Number 5- picking at my skin
I pick at my skin or squeeze my skin even tho apparently there is nothing there but I can see it, I can see all the imperfections in my skin and I don’t want them there so I pick and squeeze them until I am bleeding or scared. This one is attached to body dysmorphia another mental illness I suffer with.

So that is my top 5 bad habits I have more but you would literally be here all day so I won’t bore you with more than five.

Thanks for reading it truely means a lot. Don’t forget to follow us on social media.

What are your bad habits? Drop me a comment with your worst bad habit.

Thanks again


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