My top 6 Actions that I admire in other people

Hi everyone

Last post for today. This is one I had to think about but once I started thinking about it the easier it became to answer and also it’s something positive to read.

Here are my top 6 actions that I admire:

1. Standing up for the weak or helpless
I can’t stand when people just watch or worse video innocent people get attacked, bullied or mugged and do nothing. What I do admire is when people do step up even if it means that they are putting themselves in danger to protect someone they don’t even know.

2. Not judging homeless people well anyone !
To me at the end of the day they are just people and in my personal opinion I have had nicer conversations with homeless people than with other people but unfortunately a lot of people won’t give the homeless a chance or they instantly judge them because they may drink or take drugs but I can tell you now if you was homeless and it was freezing cold you would probably take drugs and drink I know I would.

3. Honesty!
This is a massive one for me being honest I can’t stand people who lie to me I would rather be told the truth and hurt than be lied too be happy for a little bit then be hurt when I find out the truth usually from someone else. I think this is a big one for me because I am like brutally honest.

I think that loyalty is extremely important in every relationship you have. I just feel if you can’t trust that people you know and love are going to be loyal to you then what’s the point of having them in your life.

5. Strength
When I say strength I don’t mean muscle I mean strength to speak your mind, strength to fight your demons daily, strength to start your own buisness, strength to be yourself in a crowd full of people. I admire it because I can’t do it.

6.self confidence
I admire this in people as I don’t have any myself. Some poeple just have this air about them and you just know they don’t care what others think, not in like an obnoxious way but a self love kind of way and I really admire that trait in people.

So that is my top 6 they are not in order of what I admire most or least they are just in order of what popped into my little brain first.

Once again thanks for reading.

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