My top five pet peeves…

Hi everyone

So at first I wasn’t exactly sure what a pet peeve was so I googled it and the answer was “something that a particular person finds especially annoying” so then I thought well this is going to be easy I will definitely do a post on this 🤣

1. My major pet peeve (and I know a lot of people won’t understand this) is the noise a dog or a person makes when it is licking something. It drives me nuts, it makes me cringe and angry all at the same time, I dont know what it is all I know Is I can’t stand it.

2. Being licked!
It is literally making my toes curl just thinking about it. I HATE IT If a dog tries to lick me I honestly freak out and push it away in a firm but harmful way and for some reason my two year old daughter thinks it is hilarious to try and lick me. (mainly because her daddy has taught her that it is funny ) I obviously don’t push her away firmly I just say “don’t you lick me” but in a funny way and she stops. 😂

3. Being tickled
I am so ticklish everywhere and after a while it starts to hurt. I don’t like being tickled but can grin and bare it for like two minutes especially if it’s Milly doing it but after that I start getting pissed off and just want to be left alone.

4.Rubbish being left on the side and not put in the bin!
Lee does this everyday and it drives me insane it pisses me off so badly. I’m like you can take it into the kitchen and put it on the side but you can’t walk 2 steps further to the bin. WHAT is that all about?

I hate Mess! I mean if you looked at my house you probably wouldn’t think that I hate mess but I do… I honestly can’t stand mess but I have a two and a half year old who dosen’t care that I don’t like mess and a partner who dosen’t seem to care either! 😂 I try really hard to let Milly explore and play and not be running around tidying up after her but it is so hard not to.

I could go on! But the list would take forever to read so I will leave you wanting more or I will leave you thinking thank god she stopped at five i didn’t want to read anymore.

But I just want to say a big thank you to all off you wether you are option A or B it means so much to me.

What would mean the world to me tho is if you could leave me a comment and follow me on social media!



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