Something that excites me…

Hi everyone

So sorry I didn’t post this yesterday I just totally ran out of time. So I will do two+ posts today to make up for it.

The answer to my first post of the day (this one) is that we are going to Walt Disney World, at Christmas, this Year! And I can’t wait.

What I am most excited for is seeing Milly’s little face when she gets there and see’s everything.

She is going to be amazed! I don’t know anyone who has been to Disney world and dosen’t find it magical so my nearly 3 year old is just going to be beside herself with excitement.. well I hope she is anyway.

I think she will be scared at first of her favourite characters as they will be massive but I think she will get over it in a couple of days.

So I’m excited about Milly being excited if that makes sence.

That is my answer to this post. Another short one but at least you won’t get bored.. well hopefully not anyway!

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Thanks for reading as always


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