The best idea I have had this week..?

Hi eyeryone

Sorry I missed yesterday it totally slipped my mind. I have terrible memory so this is not really a surprise I forget to do things all the time.

I don’t generally have many ideas nevermind good ideas. I used to be really creative I used to have ideas all the time and now my mind is just a blank or an overcrowded space.

I don’t even think I have had any ideas so far this week I mean I guess I had an idea of how to start trying to workout again using our stationary bike.

I am currently just trying to do 10 minutes on 1 to see if my back can handle it. Its been a week today since I started it and I’m thinking it’s probably not helping right now but I’m not giving up just yet i need to give my back time to adjust.

Then my plan is to slowly build up to doing it on level 2 then 3 then so on up to 8 and maybe slowly increasing the time but I’m not sure about that yet.

So that is my best idea of the week!

Can you believe it is August tommorow? That means it is only 16 days until I am 25! My birthday is the 16th August so yeh that is 16 days!! WOW! I’m getting old!

That is the end of this post and a second post will be available to read shortly!

Please spread the word about my blog and follow us on social media if you like what you are the reason I write my blog for. So please tell everyone about it lol !

Thanks so much for reading!


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