The book I am currently reading…πŸ“š

Hi again… it’s me… Hannah

The book I am currently reading, well reading on and off, not because I don’t want to read it is just getting time to read it. Is called Her!

This book is about a girl, well young woman who has the same illness as me. She suffers with borderline personality disorder and ends up hospitalised and then going to a specialist mental health hospital.

It talks about her past and what happened to her and then she ends up in hospital but it’s not all sad but I guess I wanted to read it because it was about my illness but now I continue to read it because I feel like I am her.

I wasn’t abused like she was but I mean how her illness takes over and how she copes. It is a really good book I reccomended it. I’m currently reading it on the amazon kindle app.

My next book I’m planning on reading is actually a physical book… 😱😱 I know right what is one of those. It is Ferne Cotton’s book called Happy! I don’t know what it is going to be like or if it can help me a little but I will give it a read when I get chance.

So that’s that! The end… not of my blog just this post and of the month I guess!

Thanks for reading and like I always say please spread the word about my little blog. I just want to help others understand what Living with my illness is like and what its all about and how it effects my parenting and daily life.

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Thanks again



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