What is in my handbag?…

Hi everyone!

I know you are all desperate to know what is in my handbag well backpack as I currently use a backback.

Well I’m a mummy so basically my bag is full of stuff for milly the only thing I have in it currently that is mine is my purse and my monthly products .. i don’t think I even have a brush as there just isn’t space!

So in my bag I have two packs of mamia baby wipes from Aldi, some factor 15 and factor 50 Lacura suncream also from Aldi (I highly recommend both the wipes and the suncream)

Usually we have Asda , Sainsbury’s or even Aldi nappies (highly recommend all three) but because we had an emergency poopy nappy situation and had no nappies we are currently using size 6 pampers nappies so I have about 8 nappies in my bag and to be honest i don’t find them any better than the supermarket brands!

I have a water bottle for Milly and I usually have some sort of snack for her aswell if we are going anywhere.

Nappy bags are a must my favourite are the scented bags from Asda, I think just because they make my bag smell nice everytime i open it!

I always take a spare change of clothes for Milly ( when I say always I mean when I remember) I’m talking “mummy always” so hardly ever lol.

Usually my phone is in my bag well apart from when it’s in my hand to take photo’s of Milly, so it is actually hardly ever in my bag as I’m always taking photos. If you follow @millymou_16 on instagram you will already know how many photo’s I take of her.

I think that is everything! Pre Milly I would have been writing a totally different post for this subject it would have been a brush, make up, lip gloss, mirror, perfume you name it I probably had it in my bag but not anymore but when I had a baby everything about my life changed including what I carry in my bag.

Thank you for reading! What do you have in your handbag/ changing bag?

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