What year has been my best so far ..?

Hi everyone

So this is a weird question but I had to really think about it as I honestly don’t have a clue what my best year was.

I know that you would probably all think I would say 2016 as that’s when Milly was born but that was one of the worst years of my life as I suffered horrendously with post natal depression and my grandad passed away only 4 months after giving birth to Milly.

Tbh I don’t think I have ever had a full good year or a best year I just have good parts of bad years.

Like September 2014 I met Lee, October 2014 went to Walt Disney World, April 2015 found out I was pregnant, December 2015 Had the last but one of the Best Christmas’s as it was our first family Christmas both mine and Lee’s family was together, January 10th 2016 Milly was born and then it all went downhill from there.

So I can honestly say I haven’t had a best year well not yet anyway but I don’t see one coming anytime soon but 🤞🤞 hey!

What is your favourite year and why? leave your answer in the comments I can’t wait to read them. Like what you read then don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!

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Thanks for reading


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