A moment I want to remember always!

Hi everyone

Today we took Milly swimming as we usually do on a Wednesday afternoon but she is know starting to become more comfortable in the pool know and started digging her arms and kicking her legs (sort of) she sort of runs in the water.

The thing is Milly has always had some trouble with her legs and ankles being stiff so she relys more on using her arms in the pool actually I would say she relys more on her armbands to float but not today.

Today she started kicking her legs in a swimming position and not a running position and she did it for half the width of the pool, she also kicked her legs while I pulled her along on a float. This is a huge achievement for Milly as she is obviously becoming more confident in the water and is starting to not be scared to try and that is so awsome.

I never want to forget this moment as it was the first time Milly has done this and what made it even better was her daddy wasn’t working so he got to see it and my mum did too.

She was so proud of herself and I was so proud of her aswell to others this maybe a small thing or something your child has always done but for us this is a big achievement and it hopefully means she will do it more and more.

The sad thing is we found out today that they are cancelling all the aquababies classes in Kirklees not just our pool but the whole of Kirklees and the reason is A) government cuts (as always) and B) the head office have made the desicion without even asking the people who it effects as usual!

The reason we take Milly to Aquababies is because the classes are small and that is not only good for Milly but for me aswell because of my anxiety disorder if it was any busier I wouldn’t take her so know they have made this desicion it means that either Milly won’t be going swimming anymore or I won’t be taking her so either way one or both of us loose out.

It’s sad that these people who don’t live in the real world get to make these big decision that effect a lot of people when they have absolutely no idea how much it effects us “normal people” but they don’t care all they care about is money. They want to stop childhood obesity then they stop classes that will help towards that instead of taxing sugary drinks which isn’t going to stop people buying it actually do something proactive and put on more classes like Aquababies.

It dosen’t take a rocket scientist to figure this shit out it just takes a person who actually lives in the real world, a person who struggles with daily desicions of whether to pay the bills or feed your child, a person who misses meals just to pay rent, a person that has an empty fridge 99% off the time and it’s not because we are lazy and sit on our arses all day it is because I am seriously ill at the moment with my mental health and Lee tries his bloody hardest to get money for his family and when he can’t it makes him feel like shit.

So instead of our government judging people like us maybe they should try helping us. Instead of making people prove how poorly they are maybe just actually believe the physciatrist and the doctors instead of just getting some random person to assess us and make us wait months and months for a desicion and leaving us with nothing.

If you think that is the easy way out then try live on the money we get and tell me that it’s easier because what is shown on TV is not how most people on benefits live I can promise you that!

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the rant but this subject is one really close to my heart. If you agree comment I agree in the comments below if you don’t tell me why!

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