A tiny step towards my dreams…

Hi everyone

So I don’t exactly have any big dreams but one of my dreams or maybe more of a goal is to be able to leave the house by myself or take Milly places without relying on my safety people to come with me.

I know to a lot of people that may sound silly and dreams should be big but when you have been so poorly for so long something as little as being able to leave the house is a massive dream.

What am I doing to work towards this dream/ goal? I hear you ask well I am starting some work with my cpn (community mental health nurse ) called Graded exposure.. well I think that is what it is called but it may not be that.

We haven’t properly started yet but I have the first module to read through which I haven’t started yet but I definitely will.

I may have a read through tonight as we are going on holiday in December to the most magical place in the world, yes I’m talking about Disney World and although my struggle with bpd won’t be much or any different I’m hoping this will help me with my agraphobia and anxiety disorder so I’m not petrified all the time.

I mean I don’t know if it is going to work but all I can do is hope and try my hardest to do all the modules.

Physcology was too intense for me so that is why I will be working with my cpn who I know and trust on this and will attempt physcology when Milly is older and I’m hopefully in a better frame of mind.

Thanks for reading.

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