Evening everyone 👋

After reading so many things about BPD being a choice and not an illness I had to do a post because this “choice” ruins my life on a daily basis!

I would never wish this illness on anybody but I do wish that the non-believer’s of this illness could walk in my shoes for just one day and then see if they still believe that this illness is a choice!

I go through hell every day of my life because of this illness! I don’t know if I am going to wake up clinically depressed or extremely happy both equally scary!

I also feel every emotion at the extreme, so I can’t just be scared I am petrified, I can’t just be anxious I am extremely anxious, I can’t just be happy I’m ecstatic and that is exhausting.

Not only that but most people believe I am over reacting to most situations but to me I am not, to me that emotion is extremely real and appropriate for that situation.

What I don’t do is manipulate people a lot of people believe that because of the way BPD suffers react is for attention and I can promise you know that is utter rubbish!

I don’t want attention when I am hysterical because I spilt a glass of water I want to be invisible but because these people don’t want to take the time to learn about the illness we then get labelled as crazy or manipulative and that is so far from the truth!

Another thing that A lot of people with BPD including myself suffer with is a fear of abandonment and that makes us seem clingy and obsessive, and we probably are but the reason for that is that we love so hard that we cannot deal with the thought of you ever leaving us, so we literally attach ourselves to you.

I get that for a lot of people that is too much to deal with, but we don’t do it on purpose! I mean I don’t even realise I do it! I am also extremely jealous I hate any girl/ woman even looking at him never mind talking to him and if they do I literally lose my head!

I and a lot of other sufferers with this illness suffer with not only intrusive thoughts but thoughts of self harm and suicide on a daily or in my case an hourly basis.

So yes of course we choose to be this way! Wouldn’t you want to be? I mean doesn’t it just sound like an awesome life to have Why don’t you all “choose” to have this illness!

Oh! And just a side note medication doesn’t work for this illness we take medication to ease certain symptoms but it doesn’t get rid of them it doesn’t stop them it’s just to ease them and that barely ever happens!

So after reading this I hope you have a slight insight into what it is like to live with BPD and I hopefully have educated some people who believe that this illness is a choice that it most definitely isn’t!

I am aware that some people will need actual medical facts and will not believe somebody who lives with the illness every single day! So below you will find ten facts about BPD from a professional:

1. “Someone with borderline personality disorder, the highs and lows can change over dinner.”

2. People with BPD also usually suffer from additional mental illnesses. Major depressive disorder occurs in more than 80% of people with BPD; anxiety disorders occur in about 90%; PTSD in 26%; bulimia in 26%; anorexia nervosa in 21%; and bipolar in 10%

3. “People often assume borderlines are violent, manipulative or just generally bad people when this is far from the truth.

4. The lack of awareness surrounding BPD is partly to blame for the many myths that have been floating around for decades and its bad reputation.

5. People with BPD tend to have very unstable and intense relationships, and their fear of abandonment can spark behaviour that negatively affects the ones they love.

6. What society needs to understand, though, is that these people are sick. Their symptoms and behaviours are indications of a psychiatric disorder, and they need treatment.

7. Many therapists overlook the disorder and instead focus on the conditions that generally BPD sufferers also have, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders or substance abuse. But “the borderline personality disorder is the engine that’s driving the patient difficulties.

8. An estimated 2% of the population has BPD, a type of personality disorder that is characterized by intense and unstable interpersonal relationships, poorly regulated emotions, self-destructive impulsivity and unstable self-image.

9. People with BPD often have an intense fear of being abandoned by the ones they love, suffer from chronic feelings of emptiness, engage in suicidal behaviour or threats, and have difficulty controlling anger.

10. About 8% to 10% of BPD patients commit suicide.”

These ten facts are from Dr. Perry D. Hoffman so hopefully you will now believe that this is an illness and not a choice.

As always thanks so much for reading and if you feel like it please share this on social media as I just think people need to be aware what living with this illness is like!


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