Do I prefer going to cafe’s by myself or with others?

Hey everyone

So anyone who knows me either in person or online will already know my answer to this question and that answer is neither I would just rather not go to a cafe in the first place.

If I have to go to a cafe it would be with others but it would only be with specific people, those people I call my safety people.

If those people are not available then I dosen’t leave the house. There are only about five people that I would go anywhere with that I literally would trust with my life.

That’s the thing about living with an anxiety disorder and agraphobia you don’t want to leave the house and then if you do leave the house you are paranoid and you don’t trust anyone.

So leaving the house isn’t enjoyable at all so I try avoiding it at all costs.

When you live with a number of mental health problems life is hard and pretty shit if I’m honest but as people can’t see it they don’t get it, they just can’t understand it.

Thats all for today folks.

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