Go Premium or Not? Help!

Hey everyone

So I am currently on the free wordpress plan which is ok. I mean it’s free and it does what it says on the can basically… but I need more.

Like the saying go’s you don’t get anything for free in life which is fair enough but I need to be able to add ads etc and on the free plan you can’t do that.

Well I can’t so if anyone can please let me know how! And from reading the features on the next plan up it dosen’t look like you can either as in the features it dosen’t say anything about monetizing your blog, as I said before I may be wrong as I have only just come back to wordpress.

So if there are any experts on here reading my blog please give me som3 advice.

I am happy to go premium when I can afford to so I can add what I need to like ads and things so I can hopefully make a little money through my blog.. don’t get me wrong I’m not expecting to earn millions😂 but if the option is there for me to make some money then it’s worth a try…isn’t it?

So my question to you all is what plan would you recommend for me to use from personal experience?

As always thanks so much for reading!

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