If I had and empty room what ten things would I add to it?

Hi everyone

Thanks for coming back and reading this new post or if your new to my blog Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ I hope you like what you read and come back for more.

So right now I’m sat here in a room full of stuff mainly toys trying to imagine an empty room and then thinking about what it needs in it to make it right.

So here are my 10 things:

1. My family
Whether that is just lee and Milly or if that is our entire family no room would be complete without them in it.

2. A sofa
I mean this is an obvious one as we need somewhere to sit and to be honest I quite like our L shaped sofa we have so I probably would keep that.

3. A love seat
We also have one of these aswell what it is is basically a two seater sofa but with on big cushion instead of two. I also like this so I wouldn’t change that either.

4. Photo’s
At the moment in our entire house we have no framed photos of us on the wall so I would get an A2 canvas for the main wall either of just Milly or of all three of us but I would definitely have photos up.

5. A handmade toy box
I have seen some amazing wooden toy boxes on Instagram that are personalised with their name and like the top of it is cushioned so you can sit on it and you can choose what fabric you want. I just think it’s such a lovely idea and I would love one for Milly but I think they start at like ยฃ80 and we just can’t afford that but in my dream room I would totally have one.

6. A bigger TV
I would deffintly have a bigger tv than we have in our room possibly a 50 – 55 inch flat screen tv and I would probably have it up on the wall although I do like our tv stand so I would probably keep that.

7. Yankee candles
I would deffintly have at least one Yankee candle and it would either have to be Baby powder or fresh linen they are my two favourites.

8. A rug
Because in my opinion I just think every living room needs a rug I just think they make the room feel more cozy for some reason. We have a sheepskin rug at the moment which my grandma gave us and I love it mainly because it has memories of my childhood attached to it but that would probably be in my empty room.

9. A feature wall
If we didn’t rent or in my imaginary room I would more than likely have a feature wall as our living room is just cream. I’m not exactly sure what I would have on my feature wall but it would be something subtle maybe like feathers or I don’t know really that was just an example but something a bit different.

10. A beanbag chair
I don’t exactly know why I want one of these I just always have I mean it dosen’t exactly go with the rest of the theme but they just look so comfy and I would probably have one if we had room but in my imaginary room we would deffintly have space for one.

So basically I would have most of the things we already have in our room but just a few extra more personal / homey items.

What is one thing you would have in your empty room and why? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Thanks again for reading!

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