Is there anywhere in particular I would like to go with my family!

Hiyyah everyone

So originally my answer would have been Walt Disney World Florida but we are going there for Christmas and I am SOO excited. It will be Milly and Lee’s first time ever and my first time at Christmas and I just know it is going to be magical 😍😍

My second destination I would love to go to is Hawaii it just looks so beautiful on documentaries and I just think it would be a once in a life time experience.

And 3rd but far from last would have to be Australia mainly because I have always wanted to go and it just looks like it would be such a cool holiday plus Lee has family over there that me and milly have never met and Lee hasn’t seen since he was little so that would be fun.

Tbh I would love to travel the world but it costs a fortune and would be extremely difficult with a two and a half year old and my anxiety would never let it happen anyway!

So as always thanks for reading.

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