Three things I want to change in my life…

Hi everyone

So I have had to really think about this.. I know you are probably thinking WHAT! How can you not know what you want to change when you have so much shit to choose from and I do understand that but without all that shit we may not have the good things that we have in our life.. which isn’t much but we have a few things.

So I guess number one would be my mental health but then the reason I met lee was through mental health football (no I wasn’t playing I was forced by my keyworker at the time) but yes if I had to change something it would be how my mental health problems are now!

Second up is renting somewhere probably a bit cheaper but then our house is really nice and has everything we need well apart from we could do with a bigger flatter garden but at least we do have a garden and it’s a propper sun trap so I suppose we can’t complain… but then you would be reading a different blog lol.

And last up I would deffintly change the way I look obviously like literally everything about myself the only thing I wouldn’t change are my eyes but apart from that everything else would be changed. I would be prettier, slimmer, my hair would be longer, my breasts would be perkier and my skin would be perfect and un scarred but without surgery that isn’t going to happen so I will just have to stay an ugly, fat lump… I’m sorry !

So that is three things I would change in my life right now! .. I guess!

Thank for reading as always I hope you enjoyed my post! If so and you fancy sharing my post and subscribing to my blog I would be super grateful.


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