What do I need…

Hiyyah everyone

What I need is to be listened too and taken seriously. I never feel like anybody takes me seriously they just compare what I am saying or doing to their life and tell me usually that they have it worse.

I need help! With everything not just with my mental health but with looking after milly, with the bills, with the house I just can’t do it all by myself!

I need more unicorns 🤣 I do love unicorns well I am more obsessed with unicorns rather than just loving them.

I need to be thinner!! But it seems like no matter what I do I just seem to get fatter what is that all about.

I need a new back! Since the car accident just after Christmas my back has been totally messed up and so painful even doing little tasks like cleaning makes it hurt so bad.

So these are the top 5 things I need.

Thanks for reading Hopefully it makes sence as my head is all over the place today so I appologise if it dosen’t make much sence at all!

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