What games did I play with my brother when I was younger?

Hi it’s me again!

So I have really had to think about this one as I can’t really remember back to when we was so young.

I know we used to play the classic board games like Monopoly, hungry hippos, jungle run and games like that but my mind is just blank to anything else.

I can’t really remember much of my past it’s just like blank like it never happened I don’t know why but I just can’t remember.

Like occasionally I will remember certain things from my past like if someone talks about it I will remember sometimes or I will only remember certain parts but other times I think I just fill in the blanks with my imagination and nobody else remembers it that way.

So I guess although I don’t remember much we obviously still had some amazing times.

I don’t know why my memory is so bad but it really is terrible. I struggle to remember things from yesterday but also from a few years ago and then after that I need photos to help me remember.

So this basically turned into a post about how terrible my memory is instead of what games we used to play but that is because I have no idea.

So thanks for reading. I hope you found this interesting.

What games did you play when you was younger?

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