I always ….

Hi everyone

So this is an easy one for me to answer:

I always fuck everything up and this is not an exaggeration this is the truth!

Anything I try do always go’s wrong even if it is just something as simple as putting the kettle on to something as big as caring for Milly it always ends up with something bad happening.

The thing is I find simple tasks like tidying up stressful nevermind if anything big happens and even if it wasn’t my fault it 100% always feels like it was my fault.

That is another thing I always do I always blame myself. If something go’s wrong not just for me or for my family but for anyone I blame myself I don’t know why but I just can’t help feel that it is my fault.

There is a lot of things I always do that are not the best but it is all linked with my bpd. If you want to learn more about my mental illness’s and how they effect my life then check out my insta @bpd_mummy_to_1 I post a lot on there.

Plus if you want to see adorable photo’s of milly follow @millymou_16 on Instagram also don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

Thanks so much fo reading!!


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