WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY! Ten signs that your loved one may be suicidal !

Before I start I just want to make it clear to everyone I don’t have a medical degree , I’m not a university graduate but what I am is somebody who suffers with mental health problems and can totally relate to other sufferers or I can at least try!

All I can offer is advice from my own experience with suicide and suicidal thoughts and I am not in any way trying to tell you what you have to do I just thought I would try share advice on a subject very close to my heart.

If someone you know:

Threatens suicide – What I would suggest to do in this situation is to stay calm because you panic you are going to make that person more anxious and more on edge. Don’t question that person suffering just try encourage that person to talk to you but they may not want to and if that is the situation just let them know that if they want to talk you will just listen but don’t just say it MEAN IT!

Starts talking about wanting to die or talks more about wanting die – In my opinion you have to be really careful when you approach this one because what you deffintly don’t want to do is tell them that “but you have everything to live for”, “people have it so much worse than you” or think about all the people you will hurt. You might think that saying these things are helpful but they are NOT they are more damaging than you know! To someone who is thinking about committing suicide this makes them feel like they are being judged.

Drastic changes in behaviour or appearance. By appearance I don’t mean dying their hair. I mean like if that person has gone from taking pride in their appearance to deteriating infront of your eyes! As for behaviour this will depend on the person but a big one to be aware of is isolating themselves.

shows signs of excessive shame or guilt. This could be over anything and if you can get the person to open up about what they are feeling this emotion about do not tell them they are being ridiculous or stupid because do you know what that does that adds fuel to their fire and gives them something else to add to the list of why they should commit suicide. Instead just listen and be understanding but don’t make it about yourself and why you feel this way. Just make sure that they know that you care and no matter what you are there for them.

feeling like a failure. I know this feeling extremely well but you don’t just feel like you have failed at one thing you feel like everything you do you fail at and before you have even started something you have the feeling of Dred that you are going to fail again and then when you do that pit of depression just gets deeper and darker every time.

Tells you that their life is not worth living and people would be better of without them . This is a big one and you really do have to handle this with care because whatever you now say will probably be twisted in that persons mind. What you need to try do in this situation is seek professional help. Just so you are aware the person who is struggling dosen’t have to be the one to seek the help you can do it too even if you just need advice on a certain situation.

Feeling trapped and desperate. This is another big sign and one I am extremely familiar with because you can’t escape your brain it is with you wherever you go and whatever you do. So the only way to make it stop for a lot of people is to take their own life.

Starts using or increasing use of drugs, alcohol or prescription pills . This one pretty much speaks for itself.

Shows signs of Increased anxiety and depression– I don’t mean a slight increase of change I mean a big and noticeable change.

Feeling exhausted all the time and staying in bed most or all of the day. I understand that staying in bed all day is not great but when your fighting your mind everyday it is exhausting and at least if you know they are asleep you know they are safe. So as a temporary situation this may not be a bad one until they are ready to get help.

These are all I can think of right now. If you can think of anymore that need to be added please comment below.

As always thanks for reading. I did want to get this posted yesterday on World Suicide Prevention Day but I didn’t get chance to finish this post.

I hope you find this helpful!

Just a little something to keep in mind is that you can do everything in your power to try stop somebody committing suicide but sometimes they will still do it and if they do you can’t blame yourself.

I have personally lost people to suicide so I do understand how hard it is to not blame yourself but you must try not to. Sometimes people are just so desperate that nothing will stop them and although it is dreadful after time you must realise there is nothing you could have done and beating yourself up won’t change the outcome of this awful situation.

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Thanks again!



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