How hard is it for me to express my feelings?

I know you are probably thinking well she must find it easy to express emotions with her having BPD. Isn’t that all about feelings and Emotions?

Yes partly it is about emotions and feelings but it is about having extreme emotions and trying to express those feeling in a way not only I can understand but that others can understand aswell is not just hard but sometimes impossible!

When I try to express my feelings I usually get shot down or told I’m being silly, stupid or overdramatic so after constantly being told that I shouldn’t feel the way I feel, I now no longer express my feelings unless I can’t contain them.

You may think this makes me sound “crazy” but I tend to talk to myself a lot, especially about my feelings. When I do I can totally get what I need to say about how I am feeling about a situation or feeling but when I am stood infront of a person my mind just go’s blank and my words just don’t form properly and I just stutter.

So instead of going through all that I just bottle it all up (which is bad, so don’t do that!) And let it eat me alive but I guess I would rather it eat me alive than burden or harm others!

So that is all for today! Come back tommorow to see what I have to write about.

Thanks for reading.

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