What is one thing I can change in my day that will improve my mental health?

This is a tricky one to answer as I honestly don’t know what will improve my mental health as it’s so unpredictable something that could work one day could trigger me the next!

My CPN wanted me to try mindfulness so I have been but I’m no good at it. I keep trying but all I see is darkness and emptiness and I’m pretty sure that is not right. So I don’t think I will be adding that to my day as I’m pretty sure everytime I do it I feel 100 times worse, so I can’t see how it is helpful.

I’m not saying it isn’t for others but for me it just dosen’t seem to help at all.

“What can I change”?

I guess maybe I need to put self care further up my lists, actually scratch that I need to put it on my list.

Obviously I am a full time mum which takes up most, if not all of my time but once my little girl is in bed I guess I could do one thing per day that is just for me.

I don’t know exactly what I will do but it is probably good to do what my mood at the time needs.

I have found some really good lists for self care on Pinterest so I guess maybe I need to check them out and choose something from that list everyday.

Don’t get me wrong I can’t promise I will do this everyday but I can promise you I will try and do something for myself everyday.

So I think that is the end of today’s post come back tommorow to see what I have got to tell you all tomorrow!

Thanks for reading

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