If I could have an entire day to myself with no responsibilities, who would I want to spend the day with and what would I choose to do ?

This is a tricky one for me to answer as Milly is a responsibility of mine but she is also someone I love and would want to spend time with but saying that I would also like a day just to stay in bed and catch up on my sleep or maybe even a spa day.

This is not me trying to be selfish but this is just a theoretical situation as it is not going to happen because yes I have a night and half a day off from Milly every month when she go’s and stays with my mum and dad, but that dosen’t end my responsibilities.

I still have to make sure the house is cleaned, the washing is done and put away, the bills I can pay are paid (so not many), the dishwasher is emptied, refilled and emptied again.

I obviously don’t have to do it all lee helps but that time we don’t have Milly is the only time we get to do all these things properly without Milly following us around destroying the house as we try clean it.

Then there is all my mental health issues that I have and listed in previous post that I don’t get a break from, so yes If I could have a day off from all those things then yes I would probably have a spa day with Lee or maybe even an adventure day.

I have heard of those places where you can go climbing up like trees and then zip lining down, obviously I think there would be steps or nets or something to climb up I don’t think you would have to climb up actual trees. 😂

Sorry! Totally side tracked but I wouldn’t be able to do that with the way I am I’m to scared to leave my house nevermind do something like that.

I also would like to go to one of those trampoline places that are made for adults I think that would be so fun but once again my anxiety and agraphobia would stop me.

I mean paintballing sounds fun. I would love a chance to shoot Lee obviously not to kill him but you know a little bit of pain that is caused by paint never hurt anyone (that badly) that isn’t a bad thing. Is it?

I wouldn’t be able to do that anyway because even if my agraphobia didn’t stop me my anxiety would.

So if I had no responsibilities for just one day I think I would just spend the day in bed, if not sleeping just relaxing and catching up on my programmes.

I’m not one of those people that before having a baby had a super exciting life. Don’t get me wrong we had a lot more nights out but that’s about it.

I am a boring person now but before I had to deal with all this shit with my mental health I was a totally different person. I was basically the opposite person to what I am now.

Some people have an easy life others have it hard but at the end of the day that’s just life! Sorry to be so brutally honest but that is just how I feel about life!

Thanks for reading. Sorry I’m so boring but I hope you enjoyed reading anyway.


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