What are my top 3 intentions for each day and how can I meet them?

My intentions? That is something you have planned to do. isn’t it? Or am I thinking of something else? I best google it to make sure I am answering correctly. I don’t want to look like an idiot! Or is it to late for that?

Here is the definition of intention
a thing intended; an aim or plan. So I guess I was right. Check me out with all my brains.😂

My 1st intention for each day or at least for the next few months is to get Milly using the potty/ toilet full-time. How can I achieve this well I have a book called Potty Training in one week that I am going to try and follow starting Monday but if Milly dosen’t take to doing it this way then I will have try another way and I will keep trying until we find a way that suits Milly.

My 2nd Intention is to try stay awake with Milly no matter how little sleep I get. I’m not going to lie to you I do have a bad habit of falling back asleep when I bring Milly downstairs in the morning. I hate myself for it but I am just so exhausted at 4.30- 5 am that my eyes just won’t stay open. Our house is ver safe as Milly can’t yet get upstairs once the gate is closed and we have double doors to the kitchen that we can lock, so I guess the only damage she can do is pull all her toys out which she does do but I am going to start potty training Milly so it’s not fair on her and it isn’t fair on her just in general I am her Mummy and right now I feel I am failing her so things need to change.

My 3rd intention is to be more honest about how I am feeling mentally with loved ones. I am really bad for this I do keep how I am feeling bottled up not so much for myself but for others. Also a lot of what go’s on in my head I can’t actually put into words but I guess I could try saying actually I’m really not good today but instead the words that actually comes out are I’m fine. Although I am honest about my feelings on social media and on my blog I just find it so difficult to be honest in real life and not the virtual world.

Those are my top 3 intentions but whether I actually follow through with two and three is anybody’s guess but I will give it a bloody good go.

Thanks for reading what are your daily intention’s and do you actually stick to them?


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