What is the best parenting advice I have ever received?

The best parenting advice I was ever given was “you are her mummy, you know her best so don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong because if your gut is telling you that you are right then you probably are.”

I can’t remember who said it to me but it is advice that I have passed on to other new mummy’s as it is so true.

As a mummy you have these instincts when you know if something is right for your child or not and you also know if something is wrong with your child. I don’t know how you know but you just do.

When you have a baby especially when it is your first everybody wants to tell you how to raise your child, what you are doing wrong or what you should be doing but dont listen to them all you need to do is look at your baby and if you feel in your gut what you are doing is right then it most probably is for your baby.

A lot of the time it is not even family members or friends who try and tell you what is best for your baby it is total strangers who think they have the right to come up to you and tell you how you should raise your child or that your baby should be doing this by now. Well ignore them because they don’t know you or your baby and have no right to tell you anything about your parenting or baby .

Milly was a tiny baby weighing in at 5lb 11oz but dropping to just 5lb within a few days and being to small for under 5lb clothing and a lot of people had opinions on that and the fact I bottle fed and didn’t breastfeed but what people didn’t know is that I wasn’t allowed to breastfeed because of the medication I have to take for my BPD but nobody took that into consideration they just judged me for choosing to bottle feed.

All I can say is look at Milly now and judge me. She is slightly crazy but she is an amazing, happy, healthy, kind, smart and beautiful little girl and do you know why she is so perfect because this mummy listened/ listens to her gut feelings when it comes to parenting.

Well I hope that’s why anyway!

Thanks for reading you lovely people.


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