Potty training update!

We are currently on day 4 of potty training and I think we are finally cracking it.

This is not our 1st attempt and if you follow my blog or social media you will already know that, but I think this time is the right time.

I think this is our 3rd attempt but the previous two attempts she just wasn’t ready. She would be devasted if she had an accident, she wouldn’t even sit on the potty nevermind wee on it and she just didn’t have the control that she needed which obviously I didn’t realise at the time as I have never potty trained anybody before.

The past two attempts were just a fail from the moment we started but this time is different.

Day 1 Milly managed 3 wee’s 1 in her potty and two on the toilet at my mum and dads

Day 2 Milly did 6 wee’s on day two 3 in her potty and 3 in the toilet. I was so proud of her and for two of those she even asked to go for a wee!

This shows me that she is getting there and she does have control.. oh! Yeh we even took a little trip to the shop down the road and back without any accidents in her little knickers.

Day 3 Milly did 3 wee’s all on the potty today but had one accident but that was a number 2 which was my fault as I wasn’t concentrating. We went a little further today to the coop in the car and of course there was traffic and she didn’t have an accident which is awesome! So we are definitely heading in the right direction.

Day 4 (today) Milly has currently done 5 wee’s today and had no accidents and that is with a little trip to the coop again to. She is doing amazing and I am so proud.

The only thing is we are getting there with the weeing but not so much with the pooing so if anyone has any advice for that it would be greatly appreciated.

So far bribery is the way forward with Milly and is quite easy to please thankfully! All it takes is ticks on her chart, stickers and the occasional chocolate bar. Well that seems to have worked so far. lol

That’s it for now on the potty training front. I will update you on day 7 about how things are going with potty training and see if we have got any further with it.

Keep everything crossed for me 🤞🤞 that by day 7 Milly will be pretty much toilet trained.

Thanks for reading



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